Тренировка кампусборд

Advanced Training for Climbing

Advanced Training for Climbing Тренировка на Кампусборде.

Training for Climbing, I decided to make a sequel about my move to Colorado Springs for college, featuring bigger and badder workouts. If you enjoyed this video, please thumbs up, comment, and subscribe. Advanced Training for Climbing is the result of more than 80 hours of filming and editing, and would not have been possible without the help of my sponsors, film crew, and friends. Special thanks to Hunter Pedane, Masha Parfenov, Alexandra and Anthony Parfenov, Brien Roscetti, Greg Lowden, Mike Bowsher, and Matt Roscetti. Also a shout out to Prime Climb, Moon Climbing, La Sportiva, Metolius Climbing, Runtastic, ClimbOn!, WOSS Enterprises, Atomik Climbing, and Verve Climbing