Статика, 23 Isometric Core Exercises Тренировка статической нагрузки

23 Isometric Core Exercises Как тренировать статические нагрузки, для развития мышц скалолаза

Isometric Exercises are moves where you hold in a position under tension. And often when we think of “core” isometric moves, we think of Planks. And while Planks are great isometric core moves, they aren’t the only great Isometric Core Exercises.

These 23 Isometric Core Exercises are a great way to build your core stability and strength so that your core works properly during heavy lifts.

All of these moves also work your entire core – they work everything from your shoulders to your knees not just your abs.
Because these moves improve your core stability, they can help you not only get a stronger, more toned middle, but they can also help you prevent and alleviate injury.